"Rosie Flores is in top form on Simple Case of the Blues as a blues shouter, a soul singer, and riveting guitarist who can put her own stamp on a song. Simple Case of the Blues brings beauty out of the shadows, dances joyously across every musical terrain, and delivers some of the most soulful music released so far this year." ~ Henry Carrigan, No Depression

...Her vocals have never sounded better....check this, a February release, as an early contender for one of this year’s best soul/blues albums." ~ Jim Hynes, Elmore Magazine

"Rosie Flores has been a cult hero in the Austin and Los Angeles music scenes since the ’70s, and she proves she’s a blues artist of the first order...Every cut's a winner!" ~ Marty Gunther, Blues Blast Magazine

"...some of the best blues tracks of recent years...A certain style burns through Rosie Flores music. Long may this continue." ~ Paul Riley, Country Music People

"...might just be the best one yet." ~ Blues Matters UK

"So they're calling it a blues record, huh? Well I'm here to tell ya it's so much more..." ~ Frank de Blase, Rochester City Paper

"...Rosie Flores is still rockin' the house." ~ Jay Trachtenberg, Austin Chronicle