“There is only the authentic love for the music dripping from an earnest and grateful heart excitedly wondering what the next musical adventure will hold”

– Cochella Valley Press, Lisa Morgan, 2017

“Working Girl’s Guitar is Rosie to the core. Sassy, classy and ready to kick ass-y.”

– Guitar World

“Flores is a working girl whose instrument and voice labor to give you a good time and make you think and feel more deeply.”

– PopMatters

“The latest record marks a first for Rosie as she is not only the producer but is the only guitar player, which garnered feature stories in Guitar World, Premiere Guitar and Guitar Player. She penned some new tunes that ride some new waves. Twanging between a rock and a surf place, Rosie fires up the big chord guns on songs that tell some hard earned tales.The title track is a chiming stomper that resonates with miles of grit, grace and determination; while “Yeah, Yeah”, a tribute to her late great fellow twang master Duane Jarvis, shines with a light that glows through the tears.”

– TribLive, July 2015

“San Antonio rockabilly singer Rosie Flores was one of the most impressive acts of the evening, performing endearing, country-flavored takes on “No Particular Place to Go” and “You Never Can Tell.” Flores was also the only performer brave enough to playfully attempt a duck walk.”

– Patrick Doyle, Rolling Stone, October 29, 2012 – Chuck Berry Tribute at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

“Flores, eternally youthful with a shock of black hair, stole the show with her playful romp, “Run Chicken Run.””

– Donna Marie Miller, Elmore, March 2015

“Flores has toiled in the trenches for far too long. Maybe Working Girl’s Guitar will do for her what Nick Of Time did for fellow ball-busting guitarist Bonnie Raitt and rightfully win her an armful of Grammys. Now that would be poetic justice.”

– Elmore

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