Springtime 2018 & Beyond (plus a re-cap)

Looking forward to my upcoming shows throughout the States this year, following the release of my long awaited new blues record. I promise to announce a release date soon! 2018 started out with with an amazing opportunity to jump onto the 3rd Sirius Outlaw Cruise with my Austin band for 3 big shows and a panel with Mojo Nixon interviewing some of us about the 80’s cowpunk scene. This ship carried around 2,000 hard core, big hearted music fans and Outlaw Country greats Steve Earle, Elizabeth Cook and Jason and the Scorchers. Legendary songwriters Lucinda Williams and Rodney Crowell. Austinites Dale Watson, Celine Lee and Jesse Dayton. Female honky tonk gals, Nikki Lane and Jaime Wyatt represented that girls can steal the show. A highlight for me was being in the audience for the the Tom Petty Tribute. It was so amazing to hear everyone singing some of my favorite songs ever. Needless to say, I look forward to 2019’s Outlaw Cruise and I hope some of you will too! The new line up and tickets can be found on their website and on Facebook, so stay on that if you’re interested in getting on the boat with us because it does sell out quickly.
A highlight this February was heading to Memphis to spend a week with Dale Watson, Celine Lee, and the Ameripolitan Awards. The weather wasn’t perfect but the showcases and club dates were some of the best times I’d ever had in Memphis. Most of it took place at The Guesthouse at Graceland Hotel. A guesthouse was a dream of Elvis, as he always wanted to build one at Graceland. So now across the street is an carefully designed 5 star hotel with all the Elvis touches that you can imagine. For instance, in my room was a beautifully framed photograph of a cropped shot of the front top half of Elvis’s gold lame suit. Such a well planned week of festivities included a hot rod show, a Beehive Booth to glam-up us girls and a glorious  fashion show of designs like Bernie Dexter and Manuel worn by a mix of models and artists like the lovely Patricia Vonne and Brennen Leigh who took home an Ameripolitan award in the Female Honky Tonk category. I also won Honky Tonk Female in 2014, so I got to announce her as the winner which was pretty cool! (BTW I also won in the Female Rockabilly category in 2014, hurrah!) The 6th Ameripolitan Awards will be in Memphis next year, folks. February 2019, be there!
Ok then, keep checking back here to find out about the release date and record release tour for ” Simple Case Of The Blues” and to check my tour dates to see when I’ll be coming to perform in your city! I will be playing guitar for the legendary and beautiful Wanda Jackson in March and April.  If you’re in Texas, you won’t want to miss that! My web store will soon feature some new T-shirt designs and various goodies that you are sure to love. Thanks for following me here, on twitter and instagram and youtube and for making a Rosie Flores station to hear my recordings on Pandora! Sign up on the mailing list here as well and we’ll send you a notice about any cool stuff coming your way. With appreciation, I do thank you for your support.  XO rosie flores