“Drive Drive Drive” is a Flores / Gladstone song about the freedom and yearning to take the wheel and take ourselves to places where we always wanted to go. We had a blast writing it and are happy to get it out as your first taste of what’s yet to come. Finally, the full record will be released early February 2019! The C Boys residency on Friday night Happy Hour has turned out to be a great start to our weekend and the chance to play all the songs off the new record with the full band. I’m lovin’ every minute of it.

I had an amazing time in Idaho, at BBR the Braun Brothers family re-union. I’d never seen Idaho, and although the weather was as hot as Texas, the people and the musicians on that stage made it all fabulous and fun. I’ve never met so many nice folks. It’s a small festival and sells out every year but so worth the trip, if you can make it one of these times.

Coming up through the end of the year, there are plans to visit Nashville for the AMA’s in September and LA for a Palomino Club fundraiser in October. It will be such a great walk down memory lane to sing up on that stage again after all these years. Check out my new single and I’ll see ya down the road!

Cheers, rosie