Fallin’ into September

Goodness gracious, the sky came down so hard on Texas and South Florida. Everyone here is shaken and hoping it’s going to slow down and move back to where it came from. Please continue sending prayers and donations out to the hurricane victim sites online.

The summer flew by and I don’t know where the time went while I stayed busy with the 3 groups I’m working with. Rosie Flores and The Rhythm Rockers, Guitar Legs, (with Sophia Johnson) and The Blue Moon Jazz Quartet will continue going strong, making the best music we know how, so if you make it out to Austin, you’ll no doubt catch one of my upcoming shows this Fall.

Production on my blues record, Simple Case Of The Blues, has slowed down a bit. Just a few set backs, but if you keep checking back here, you’ll be the first to know when its ready to spread it’s blue wings and fly out into the world. RFXO