I am back, sorry for the absence! All my shows have been cancelled like everyone else’s… at least up to the end of the summer, unless a miracle happens. WE can only hope!

Well, what a mess this all is! I’ve so missed performing, my live shows are everything to me and really keep me going. But I’ve kept busy with my quarantine projects; learning the piano which is challenging and fun, writing and doing a live stream once a week! It’s very Wednesday at 6:30 pm it’s called “3’s a Charm”! I sing 3 songs and tell a few stories. Catch it if you can! Just go to Mule Kick Productions’ FB page. A wonderful group from LA’s California country scene! Please go there and like that page. I will share the event, and  my past 2 livestreams are saved on my FB pages as well.

You can’t sugar coat this virus but we can have gratitude for our safety and the health of our families and close friends. Staying home, staying clean being the real answers to fighting it. The silver lining is how clear the skies and waters on earth have become, just amazing! Also taking time to be close to people without being up close to each other and helping out anyway we can has been beautiful to see. I’ve been blessed with food deliveries from several close pals. 

The Corona Virus from hell, as I like to call it, has wreaked havoc on so many innocent people in the world. It is hard to fathom, when I see the numbers of death and sickness in the media. And It hits home for me, a bit harder as it came to take the life of one of our musical heros, John Prine. To me, he was the greatest American songwriter who could turn a phrase with ease and make you laugh and cry in just one song. Also this month we lost another musical gem, who will never be forgotten, Terry Clarke. Another songwriter’s songwriter who could sing like a bird and tell a story with the colors of the sun and the moon through that of a poets heart, enchanting you with every line. Look him up folks. Terry did not get the Virus, his end came from complications during an emergency surgery that took him to meet Saint Peter. He and Prine are no doubt, having a time together up in heaven telling each other their stories of living a grand life, though cut too short. I like to picture them in a bar up there at The Pearly Gates Inn, with their guitars sitting at a table, cigarettes burning in the ashtray and Prine calling out, “Hey bartender!! Vodka and ginger ale and a double shot of Jamesons for my friend.”