Springtime SXSW 2023

It’s so beautiful here in Austin this time of year. I signed in for my SXSW artists wristband yesterday and it certainly looks like the city is already rockin’ hard with music people from all corners of the world. I’m still feeling joyous from the wonderous time I had on Outlaw Country Cruise ship #7! What a fabulous time I had playing with such great musicians and hanging out with so many happy Cruisers. I’m looking forward to next year’s OCC#8, I can’t wait!  This year 2023, I’m working on recordings to be released later in the year. There’s plans for The Talismen record to get finished up as well as The Blue Moon Jazz Quartet’s tunes, so both will be released later this year. I’m also planning to finish up a couple more Christmas songs and re-release Christmasville 2023. Lot’s of fun and creative time for this ol’ gal, writing my book and painting again to keep my creative juices flowing. Check the TOUR button out and see where I’m heading out to play, a bit of travel in the works and excited about it all. Stay safe and healthy, like I’m trying to do, and I hope to see you around town! All the best, rosie