Summer heat is on!

Hi everyone, thanks for stopping by the website! Well, August is the hottest and I’m heading to the pool as much as I can here in this Texas heat. I know my UK friends are feeing it too! Had an amazing writers retreat with several amazing songwriting women and looking forward to recording some of these tunes. Thanks to FireFly Studios for hosting us and BettySoo fir the invite!

Looking forward to Red River, New Mexico for the 8750 Festival in August! And September,  big news for me is that I’ll be included in the Western Edge exhibit opening Sept. 29th at The Country Music Hall Of Fame in Nashville! Weekend prior, I’ll be performing in Franklin, TN at the Pilgrimage Festival with my Austin rockin’ band, and what a line up! October’s lookin’ fine for some cool shows and November The Outlaw Cruise West looks like so much fun, I cant wait, seriously~

Sending love and prayers to those who’ve lost so much in Kentucky, just frightening as can be. 

I’ll be adding some other Tshirt designs and CD’s in the next few weeks. Keep in touch ya’ll!

And Stay Cool!