Summer Touring on the East Coast & Sweden

Howdy Friends and Fans!

This summer looks like it will speed on by keeping me going going and going! I’ve been so busy this year, and it’s not slowing down.

Looking forward to recording in Nashville with Kenny Vaughn and Dave Roe in June and hope to have a new release later this year of some really rockin’ soulful blues tunes that I have loved singing and playing over the past several years. Keep coming back here for news on that.

July takes me to the East Coast thru New York, DC, Chicago and surrounding areas for another round of show dates backed by my favorite Austin band, Bar Brawl! Immediately following, I’m looking forward to taking a couple of weeks to tour the beautiful country of Sweden.

There are T-shirts and Cd’s as well as posters available here at the website if your looking to buy some rosie stuff for yourself or a friend. Thanks for stopping by and have a fabulous next few months and please do come and see a live show if I’m heading into your area!

Cheers! Rosie xo