Summer’s Rockin’

Greetings from Austin friends! This is one of the funnest summertime’s ever in Austin. As far as people coming to visit and lots of fun shows to play and to go to, it’s been one of the top summers ever! Had a blast working every Tuesday at the Continental Club with my Rosie Rhythm Revue and hope to keep that going next year sometime. My band the Rivetors are playing weekly in town at the downtown Four Seasons so that’s been sweet. Got to see Paul McCartney’s band last month in Indianapolis and just saw the Monkees in Houston, so it’s been pretty nostalgic. I’m excited to announce that I’m going to be doing a music video for the song Yeah Yeah from my latest “Working Girls Guitar” CD and LP. Will let you know when that is finished and ready to post and share. The reaction to this song has been stunning and this will be a way to make sure more people get a chance to have it in their collection. The song was co written with myself, Pat Gallagher and Rachel Gladstone. The song is dedicated for dearly departed guitarist and close buddy, Duane Jarvis and we feel like he was in the room adding a line or two while we were writing that day. Check my tour tour dates on ths site and I will be hope to see some of you from Nashville to Virginia and then Minneapolis at the State Fair at the end of the month and then hooking up with the fabulous Marti Brom up to Wisconsin Potowatome and thru Chicago and Springfield. October brings me to the world famous Rockabilly weekender in the UK called Hemsby, to continue to promote the Janis Martin Cd release of The Blanco Sessions…..See ya! xo rf