Summertime! Vaxxed and Relaxed!

Hello friends,
I’m so happy to report that I’m still rockin and healthy..even though my facebook and instagram was hacked and locked for over a month, the problem is being looked into and hopefully will be fixed soon! But thanks for being here, so I can let you know about my live shows starting in June through the Fall. If you have been following my livestream 3’s a Charm on FB, I will be carrying on with it for a bit, just for fun either through YouTube or Zoom, or FB if it gets solved soon! Many are requesting that I keep it going, so I will for a little while longer before I get too busy with travel etc. 
My first live performances will start here in Austin with my Blue Moon Jazz Quartet, every Wednesday night at the Continental Gallery at 8:pm. My new band with The Talismen will kick off our first live show on June 10th at the Rot Rally 3-4pm June 10th at COTA. Check out my TOUR button and catch me on the road from Memphis to Minnesota in the coming months.
Stay safe everyone, so glad to get a chance to perform live again, so see soon and down the road.