SXSW is upon us again!

 It’s always fun meeting new artists and fans. The show yesterday for Jessie Scott’s roots radio came live over the airwaves in Nashville. The show was well received, and I sold quite a few of my new CD,  Simple Case Of The Blues! Selling like hot cakes!
My Non-SX shows are listed here on this website if you are in town and want to catch one of the next  shows. but here it is now – what the heck:
Starting Wed night 3/13/19 at the Continental Gallery, next to the Continental Club with my Blue Moon Jazz Quartet
Thursday- 3:30pm Radio show with Big Kev, you can tune in here:
Two shows on Friday, 5:20 pm at Maria’s Tacos on S Lamar Blvd.
Our 2nd big Friday show at C-Boy’s Heart & Soul on Congress Ave.
The final Non-SX event is at Sam’s Town Point at 2115 Allred Dr. at 4 pm, Sunday the 17th which is part of a tribute show to remember the dearly departed and missed, Steve Dean and Chris Gaffney.
There have been so many fun memories at previous SXSW events. I remember sitting in with Lucinda Williams one year singing backups on a tune with her at the Roxy on 6th St. and the following year, she was so big that I couldn’t even get in the back door with a badge, and she was even pleading with the grouchy doorman to let me in, so I gave up and went and saw another new band Teddy Thompson, who I became an instant fan of. One year we played the Hole In the Wall on Guadalupe, and Kenny Vaughan came in and played guitar with me for the whole set and we bought the house down! So maybe that was the roots of why he’s on my new record playing half the guitar solos with me! By the way, when you listen to the new record, Kenny’s guitar solos are on the left speaker and my solos are mixed on the right side. Perfect engineering and mix by Jacob Sciba and Charlie Sexton. I love my new record so much, and excited that it will be soon available on Turquoise Vinyl! Get ’em while they’re hot folks, only a limited edition on the Vinyl. 
This year has been a blast so far with The Outlaw Cruise Ship #4 where we had our first Record Release Party, BTW, I will be on OCC#5 so if you’re interested in coming aboard, get it done soon, cause it sells out really really quickly! At Record Release party 2, a lot of visitors to Austin and locals came out to the Continental Club. We sold many of the new CD there which proves people are still buying autographed CD’s! We had 2 shows in New York, Rochester and Brooklyn. Then the Ameripolitan Awards happened in Memphis with Dale Watson and friends. I made the cover of the Memphis Flyer with a cool article on my history and I did a recording for Ditty TV out soon: Heres the scoop:
Wednesday, April 10th at 8 PM/CDT is the DittyTV Concert Series premiere of Rosie Flores.

Future air-dates include: 
Thursday, April 11th at 8 AM/CDT
Sunday, April 14th at 1 PM/CDT

So looking ahead, I’m enjoying being home for a couple of months in April and May to focus on my songwriting and my local residency’s Wednesday nights at the Continental Gallery 8:30 pm and Friday nights at CBoys at 6:30 pm. Just a couple of fly-in dates: I’ll be in LA at the end of the month on the 31st of March at the Echo, and I will be in Chapel Hill North Carolina on the 13th of April.
Thanks for stopping by the web site, keep checking back for more news and adventures on the Rosie Train! Stay healthy and keep a big heart and a mean streak just for the hell of it! Your pal, RFX