Autumn in Nashville

Hi Everybody! Greetings from  Nashville where I’ve been working on some Blues songs with some of my favorite musicians, Kenny Vaughn, Dave Roe and Jimmy Lester. We just recorded some amazing tracks, and I’m excited to finish them and get them out to the public asap! I was just 16 years old when I first picked up the guitar and started playing along with blues records that my friends and I were collecting. Now I’m settling into singing and playing some of those old cool songs with some cool cats that are my age. There are a few originals and some great old tunes that we’ve all been collecting for this project. There has been a number of people asking me where they can get certain songs that I’ve been doing in my live shows, so I’ve been on a mission to get back in the studio for some fresh material that I love singing and playing. Bassist Dave Roe (Johnny Cash, Jerry Reed) and guitarist Kenny Vaughn (Marty Stuart, Lucinda Williams) have a production team at Dave’s studio near Nashville and have invited me to make this record. It’s turning out really well. 

The Autumn leaves have also taken me to upstate New York where I had an amazing time recording some acoustic blues with the great Earl Slick ( David Bowie, John Lennon). The video cameras were running so eventually there will be something cool to show you what a wonderful time of creativity we had at Slick’s place with him and his talented friends.

Wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving, be careful in the snow, come this winter and wishing a very Happy Holiday or Christmas season to one and all!

See ya next year!

Rosie Flores