Harvest Moons and Dia De Los Muertos

This is my favorite time of the year. It means that the new year is around the corner and the holidays are heading back to cheer us all up again. Up go the lights and the sparkles. We celebrate friends and family as well as our loved ones who’ve passed on. Too many precious lives have left us in 2017. I hope that we can celebrate a new found strength through the fall and winter that gives us all hope for a safer and happier future. I will provide the music and be thrilled to perform around the country again when my new record comes out, “Simple Case of The Blues”.

I’m looking forward to spending time in New York and performing at the “Voices on the Hudson” series just after Thanksgiving. Then in early December, I look forward to playing in Wanda Jackson’s band on her December run through Texas. Busy with my Rosie and the Rhythm Rockers band as well as The Blue Moon Jazz Quartet and a new band on the horizon called Guitar Legs with female guitarist Sophia Johnson and I sharing the spotlight. Some of you saw our debut on this years Outlaw Country Cruise.

Some of you will notice that the website has a new fresher look. I’d like to thank James Webber web designer, Mike Delavante Graphic designer and photographers Valerie Fremin and Todd Wolfsen along with the “Rosie Team” and writer John T Davis in Austin. Wishing you all the best life has to offer and may we keep strong and true to each other through the end of the year and onward! Rfx