Rosie Flores Update

Hello! Thanks for stoping by~
I’ve been hard at work this year finishing the final touches on the Janis Martin recording’s which would not be possible without the funding and a certain record label’s involvement of which I will hopefully announce by name soon. The Cd’s and Vinyl will be manufactured this Spring and are being mastered this month by Joe Gastwick in LA under the title “The Blanco Sessions”. Producing this record in 2007 was a dream come true for me and drummer Bobby Trimble (Modern Don Juans, Big Sandy,The Ugly Beats). As many rockabilly fans know, Janis passed away shortly after she recorded the sessions in Blanco Texas, this was supposed to be her comeback CD. I had been coaxing her to record with me for 10 years! We are now getting close to releasing an amazing 11 song masterpiece of some of her favorite rock n roll songs that she hand picked. Together with Trimble we found some cool rock songs that she loved performing live. Some were originally recorded by the likes of Ruth Brown, Ronnie Dawson and Dave Alvin to name a few. The CD will be released to the public this spring after the kickstarter donaters are taken care of first. Finally her fans around the world will be able to hear her incredible vocals which are so chilling that it will make the hair stand up on the back of your neck. I want other rock n roll female musicians to discover her vocals and songwriting so that they can be inspired as much as I was through the years.