Turquoise Summertime Blues!

I got the Turquoise Summertime Blues! Swimming pools, guitars, nail polish, and the color the summer afternoon sky~ This has been such a sweet summer. My trip to Spain was rockin! I performed at the The Screamin’ Rockabilly festival near Barcelona in a place called Calella by the ocean. I shared the stage once again with my favorite singing partner Marti Brom who ripped it up royally! It was our tribute to the late great Janis Martin, we are keeping her spirit alive and it was amazing to see tears in the audience as Marti tore through a deeply hearted version of Sweet Dreams, one of the song Janis recorded on “The Blanco Sessions” CD. Afterwards I got to take some time to relax in the mountains of Tiana overlooking the city of Badalona in the Catalonian part of Spain. The wine and the cheese as well as the people were extraordinary and I can’t wait to go back again. I spent some time at the end of June in Nashville Tennessee writing and performing. That was a hoot performing on the Ernest Tubb Midnight Jamboree with one of my heros, James Intveld and his awesome band. James and I got to revisit some of the duets that we performed at the Doheny Blues Fest in California several weeks ago and I do hope we get to record together again in the future. July will certainly be a super busy and fun time in Austin with lots of local gigs but am looking forward to getting back to the Bay Area for the last weekend of this month. Cooler weather is always a nice break from the hot Texas sun. August will take us to Minneapolis and surrounding areas and September we head to the New York area. So lots of travel in the plans over the next few months. Nevertheless it’s great to be here in Austin where Texas summers are always a little too hot but at least I have the pleasure of jumping into any ol’ great big turquoise swimming pool here and there or Barton Springs if I really wanna cool off! Have an enjoyable Summertime wherever you are and thanks for stopping by to see what’s up in my world. Thanks so much for stopping by here at the website. See ya down the road at a live gig here or there or listen to me on Spotify, Pandora, Sirius Radio or in your own CD players or mp3 players too. Rock on! cheers, rosie